MASAKEN al Arabia has been established after a very deep study for the residential market over view in Riyadh city. And according to the professionalism that OLAT properties management “OPM” has, and which always believed in specialization “MACO” has been found to be the residential assistant  for ”OPM” in presenting a full residential package of services in the real estate sector.

Our mission

MASAKEN al ARABIA co. “MACO” as a professional corporate has ultimate experiences in the field of leasing, studies & Research , Appraisals and properties management of the residential issues. Quality service is our priority, for that we are committed to higher standards of services to all type of customers under the slogan “LOOKING FOR YOU”.

Our vision

Do what we do best, in MACO we are looking to serve all your needs as a full package of marketing services through the “E-marketing” concept that can achieve high customer satisfaction.

Our team

Team work is one of the special reasons for our success in most of the projects like any thing in life we have faced Obstacles , for that MACO work in such a unique way to overcome all the problems using the best techniques and accomplish the objectives everyone was hoping for through the companies departments.