OPM completed of leasing 90% from AL-olya towers

أخبار Opm

The office environment of a business success factors, and clean work environment is not only comfortable work environment, but also include several aspects, including the management side and work requirements and the method of internal communication and the facilities provided in the work environment, and is AL-OLYA towers of the finest efficient places to work environment high as they contain the modern environmental requirements of green spaces and the creation of the place and the atmosphere is appropriate for the client, and the unique location that combines high-end buildings, shopping malls, government institutions and ministries.

The advantage of the upper towers containing more than one hundred thousand square meters and implemented according to specific criteria make it in the direction of the movement of wind and sun smoothly enter and exit from both the AL-OLYA hand or hand AL-TAHLYA Street where entrances design beyond the area of ​​ten meters, also it holds its shores two restaurants of the most famous international brands like a restaurant "Shakespeare" for the first time in the Kingdom, which is advertised opened soon, and the restaurant "" World is a vast and luxurious sessions green spaces, as well as the presence of many high-end brands category "a", and the existence of a complex security system inside and outside the building Bateel, electrical and high-speed elevators, alarms and meticulous in dealing with all types of emergencies.

For its part OPM is nearing completion of the entire project lease with the completion of the rental ratio between the 95%: 90%, targeting the upscale high-end brands to complete the work environment sought by the Social Insurance Institution.