A new issue from the scale magazine for this year

أخبار Opm

The vice Group Chief Executive of OPM  for the management and development of the property Abd almalik al- darwish said that, close up the issuance of the new issue of the Journal of Real Estate measure issued by the group, which is considered public bulletin specializes in real estate in the city of Riyadh, pointing out that the next few days will witness the release of the magazine and distribute it to all the sectors related affairs real Estate

Darwish added that this issue includes many local and international real estate and economic indicators, as well as indicators to the prices of some real estate in the city of Riyadh, some important information for all those interested and working in real estate matter, which is set up based on the field survey process, a summary of the many statistical studies, and feasibility studies.

OPM group had predicted in the last edition of the Journal of the scale some of the things that pertain to real estate matter which has already been achieved on the ground and including the decline in the general index of the prices of residential real estate, especially in the southern and eastern neighborhoods in Riyadh, as well as the registration of population movements towards the north of Riyadh, the highest percentage for him, and the stability of some commercial land prices in the city of Riyadh.