OPM announces opening date of The elite center

أخبار Opm

Characterized by commercial and entertainment centers (Plaza) as one of the most important attraction of real estate investments factors, and advancing economic development, as it is the destination of families of different social segments material and its with all its means of entertainment suitable for all ages of both genders, and are these means in the vast green spaces, and high-end restaurants to all tastes, and coffee shops and family restaurants attractive and effective mix of tenants, and other factors that make these centers focus of attention of customers.

The "The elite center" (in finishing) of the most important places that combine all of that, Elite, which contains 12,000 square meters rental genius of the place Provided as it is located on the AL-dapap Street, Sulaimaniyah neighborhood between King Abdul Aziz Road and AL-tahlya street which makes it a point meet easy, not to mention the splendor of the design where design exhibitions system "stand alone" with the possibility of a link between more than a trade show depending on the client's request, as well as it contains vegetation wide, and the sessions and terraces maid customers fully with the availability of the "valley parking service" for visitors, it is expected to start initial launch of the project in April 2017, God willing.

For its part seeks OPM for the management and development of property "OPM" to provide the best number of international brands and high-end restaurants and cafes high level, which helps to create an attractive environment for entertainment pioneers of the project, which has always targeted in this kind of projects.

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