Studies & Research

Global Real-Estate Market Research Solutions 

As a key strategic partner to our customers, we understand that emotional and rational connectivity to your brands, real estate products and services is essential. Olaat Group ' Proprietary suite of advanced research methodologies provide deep insight into our client’s markets, lands and properties through research driven market intelligence and analytics powered recommendations

Differentiated Thinking 

Our global market research expertise leverages differentiated thinking to set us apart from our competition. Olaat Group delivers actionable research results that drive your organization’s strategic planning forward. Each day, our experienced and highly skilled researchers design new innovative approaches to our real estate client’s business challenges

Value Rediscovered 

Olaat Group is one of the real estate market research industry’s fast growing firms due to its relentless pursuit of quality, solutions and value. 

We offer our valued clients with properties fair market value based on long-possessed knowledge, analysis, and experience owned by our Professional Team, along with our supportive database that allow us to do 

  • Capital Gain, Assets Appreciation vs. Depreciation Best Land Use analysis

  • Real Estate Studies & Research

  • Real Estate Market Segmentation

  • Real Estate Market Share

  • Real Estate Marketing Direction

  • Real Estate Qualitative Market Research

 In addition to many other real estate studies and research that can develop and modifying any project idea to be real.

  • Supply Vs. Demand Assessment.
  • Demographic Market Research.
  • Geographic Market Research.
  • Real Estate Development Strategies.
  • Competitor Analysis -PEST Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Real Estate Quantitative Market Research