marketing & leasing

Our clients comes from many different sectors and many through referral. We think this is a testimony to the quality of our work and the importance we place on creating a rewarding working relationship with them. That is why, our clients used to come to Olaat again & again, this because of the firm’s reputation, professional treatment, quality and stylish techniques that we uses which they cannot find elsewhere.” 
Olaat’s marketing team is dedicated to bring expectation of analyzing the data collected to reversed the tenants requirements and prepare the marketing and leasing plans referencing the time and cost for the project. 
Our leasing and marketing representing team is the largest in Saudi Arabia. However,Olaat completed 15,607,800 ft of leasing transaction during 2016/2017. Moreover, our staff involved in the Saudi Arabian market and has many years of experience 

Tenant Representation

As your tenant representative, we can help you  negotiate the best possible lease for your current and future needs. 
Using state of the art technology and on the street market knowledge, we can help you find the right space at the right rent, terms, and conditions, whether it’s around the city or around the world

 Owner Representation

From market analysis to the signed lease, we will represent your property with aggressive and creative marketing techniques. Olaat Group’s approach is to structure transactions so as to maximize profitability while maintaining the greatest level of flexibility.

include the following activities:  Our leasing services normally

Our investment specialists will assist you in the purchase or sale of a variety of commercial or residential income properties.Whatever the requirement, from a single purchase to the sale of multiple buildings, Olaat Group and our brokers understand the meaning of

"Buy low, Sell high"

  • Develop the marketing and leasing strategy and it will include our marketing tools
  • Complete organization of all marketing materials, activities and strategies
  • Co – ordinate as necessary through our network of professional advieces on the presentation and pricing of developments
  • Consideration of all factors leading to successful property returns
  • The provision of appropriate leasing packages for the property
  • Overall aim to secure the best tenants on the most attractive rental terms
  • Advice on the marketing or renting of property
  • Increasing the value of the project
  • Guiding the project and determining the potential target
  • Provide a wonderful call center for our clients
  • Leasing time schedule and table
  • Preparing the leasing processed tactics
  • Follow up payment, collecting and the projects status
  • Full service from initial viewing through to finalization of lease documentation