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Properties & Facility Management

 OPM recognizes the imprtance of securing this opportunity to work with the client and has made available all the resources required to develop a successful solution,OPM brings the capabilities and experience needed to implement their vision,our long years of experience in the filed of facilities & properties management narrate the story of opm as one of the leading real estate management companies

Some of the services provided are:

  • Project managerial & technical follow–up.
  • Set up of managerial and supervision plans.
  • tenant relations GOV. affairs follow ups.
  • scheduling of  periodic and preventive maintenance.
  •  Ensure clients projects with trustworthy and effective security systems and personnel.
  •  Setting up plans and programs that ensure the realization of properties,targets.
  • Submitting the financial budgeting, accounting reports and record retention.
  • Preparing tenant contracts & legal advisories.
  • Managing & supervising the subcontracts of security, maintenance, cleaning and other facility services.
  • Collection of all fees and rents.
  • Responding to inquires and complaints.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals.
  • Yearly tenant satisfaction surveys.
  • Pay invoices on the landlord’s behalf to other parties, such as maintenance sub-contractors,utility charges etc.
  •  recommendations on suitable management IT system.
  •  staff training requirements.
  •   Consider and take action on, with the client’s approval,applications by tenants for consent to assign, sub-let,under let,change the use or otherwise vary the terms of the lease and to alter and improve the property.

Success will be measured through the customer”

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