OPM has highly experienced consultancy team which has updated information about market trends and can do analysis of the property. OPM’s advanced database has information from all over Saudi Arabia, and this is the reason OPM team is able to give best knowledge and advice in case of any real estate issue.
An opinion of a property’s fair market value, based on an appraiser’s knowledge, experience, and analysis of the property. At OPM we are highly knowledgeable, experienced (our history speak for itself) and well advanced in the knowledge database of property analysis.

  • - Capital gain, Assets appreciation vs. depreciation 
  • - Target client identification 
  • - Unique, sophisticated marketing plan 
  • - Transaction process 
  • - Obstacles solutions /solution strategy 
  • - Rating assessment 
  • - Profitable marketing strategies 
  • - Commercial industrial leasing 
  • - Achieving best results 
  • - Reliable market opportunity assessment 
  • - pricing strategy, leasing /pricing steps 
  • - Market segmentation 
  • - supply/demand assessments 
  •  Assistance in case of emergency and failure from a to z large database "back up plans" 
  • - Property Evaluation & Price Estimation

  Being Unique is a Good Thing... Isn't?

Distinguishing our services from the competition can make our marketing

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