The idea of ​​real estate auctions (public - private) to help the owner to reach a higher price can be achieved by item under the open market, where expectant mothers company providing liquidate assets different ways of fixed assets Service (surface-buildings) by holding auctions sessions through a team featuring the skills and experience of marketing, and expert appraisers where we prepare the full and complete ranking of all auction session held from the beginning of the idea proceedings until buyer's receipt of the sale and arrested the owner the price and so on his behalf and agent him in the completion of the sale by public auction the following to achieve:

• - the full setup and oversee the establishment of the auction session on behalf of the owner of the beginning of the idea of ​​selling until the hearing, and the receipt of the owner of the value of the Sales without suffering of the details of the setting and dealing with buyers.

• - the preparation and processing of vocabulary and data Property Sales TORs terms and conditions of sale supported image and document specifications originally marketed.

• - liquefaction property as soon as possible and timed.

• - to get the highest price you can is received originally under the market conditions and the current economic condition.

• - selling through auction session or closed envelopes system on behalf of the owner notarized authorization from him.

But all of the above is not all expectant mothers in the quiver of the private process of selling public auctions services, expectant mothers of new services related to the auction site has been developed, namely:

• - construction equipped with full services of high quality in terms of the type of European safe, air-conditioned tents and lining luxuriously decorated, and substitute for it the auction organizing celebrations in major halls of high-end hotels and camps.

• - providing modern display screens sizes large screens at public tables.

• - providing computer software to bid.

• - providing internal acoustics, lighting and external occasion for the auction.

• - regulate the entry and exit and the signing of contracts for bidders and buyers plan.

• - providing the receipt of checks getting into bidding and re-recovered respective programs.

• - providing hospitality services during the establishment of the auction after the auction and when the need for it.

• - providing security services before the auction date and during its activities.

• - the provision of support services such as water and electricity generators cycles.

• - and other support services.