Evaluation & Appraisals

valuation and Appraisal Services 

The evaluation is to assess the value of the property in the current time for the time of evaluation and may be an incentive for the assessment of real estate is the sale or purchase or investment or something else. The real estate evaluation passes through several stages beginning from the phase to see the prices around, passing through the phase of analysis and studies and evaluation, that to be received complete and detailed report on the actual value of the property at the time of the evaluation itself and the value of expected future.

OPM Evaluation advisory team offers prompt, accurate and professional valuations to developers, investors and financiers across all property asset classes. OPM evaluation clients including the region’s top developers, banking, investors, government agencies and financiers who rely on our valuation advice for acquisition, development and investment decisions, lending and balance sheet purposes. OPM maintains one of the largest and most experienced, professional and qualified valuation teams in Saudi Arabia.

 Some of the services provided are

  • Sales price Evaluation of property.
  • Purchase price Evaluation of property.
  • Evaluating properties in the matter of trading exchange.
  • Evaluating the property in case of bank loans.
  • Evaluating the future expected projects.
  • Evaluating the property damage.
  • Evaluating the property in case of long term investment.
  • Evaluating the commercial lands and buildings

Concepts of real estate values

  • Market Value
  • Selling Price Value
  • Investment Value Price
  • L & P Value
  • Book Value
  • Cost Value
  • Fair Value
  • Historical value

Purposes of Evaluation

  • Determine the price of real estate to the buyer

  • Determine the price of real estate to the seller

  • Determine the value of the property to the breakdown of rates to inherit

  • Determine the rent of the property as a percentage of value

  • Determine the value of property through which trade

  • Purpose of determining the value of real estate financing and bank loan facilities

  • Determine the value of the property to the division in cases of social conflicts

  • Determine the value of the property in the event of differences in the distribution of allotment ratios

  • Determine the value of anticipated future projects of the property

  • Identify and assess the value of defects and harming others in real estate

Olat evaluation strengths are:

  • 1.OPM covers all the regions in Saudi Arabia. 
  • 2.Our Evaluators are working as full-time employees (not a cooperative employees, such as, 
  •     the other competitors) 
  • 3.Our Evaluator team is certified with licenses as professional valuators from the Real Estate  
  •     Appraisal Centre and International Real Estate Institute  . 
  • 4.Using the most powerful software’s in this field, in order, to organize the work. 
  • 5.Using Hi-Tech equipment to make the evaluation more efficient and accurate. 
  • 6.The speed of doing the evaluation is one of the secrets of our success. 
  • 7.Triple check each order from 3 different Evaluators to make sure there are no natural errors. 
  • 8.Working in professional work environment. 
  • 9.Huge Database in our systems. 
  • 10.Certified from