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About Us

MASAKEN al Arabia has been established after a very deep study for the residential market over view in Riyadh city. And according to the professionalism that OLAT properties management “OPM” has, and which always believed in specialization “MACO” has been found to be the residential assistant for ”OPM” in presenting a full residential package of services in the real estate sector.

Our mission

MASAKEN al ARABIA co. “MACO” as a professional corporate has ultimate experiences in the field of leasing, studies & Research , Appraisals and properties management of the residential issues. Quality service is our priority, for that we are committed to higher standards of services to all type of customers under the slogan “LOOKING FOR YOU”.

Our vision

Do what we do best, in MACO we are looking to serve all your needs as a full package of marketing services through the “E-marketing” concept that can achieve high customer satisfaction.


Our Services


Marketing & Leasing services

  • the target client approach through our huge database of customers.
  •  Brokerage “ Selling \ buying” services for all residential properties.
  • Exclusive marketing and leasing services.
  • Advantages and disadvantages comparison for the project.
  • Market value analysis & rental fees project.
  • Study for the competitors in the market.
  • call Center services.
  • execution the marketing plans and strategy.
  • Complementary services.


Facilities management

  • On the Owners behalf, MACO serve the facilities management for all residential households such as compounds, apartment buildings and the small neighborhoods. Some of these services as follows:
  • project managerial, technical and engineering Follow up.
  • Setup And Implement the management team structure.
  • follow up tenants affairs in entire.
  • Plans setting and programming of the periodic and preventive maintenance process.
  • Project documentary preservation.
  • monitoring the project subjectives.
  • submitting the financial reports to the landlord after being approved chairman.
  • preparing the tenants contract.
  • hiring the direct staff of the asset.
  • presenting creative solutions to decrease expenses and increase revenues.
  • offering assistance in case of emergency and failure.
  • Collecting the accounts and distributing the proceeds among the owners.
  • monitor and solving the legal issues.
  • follow up and supervising all the subcontractors with in the project


Study & research services

  • “ To finalize the project start with the study”
  • This is the first step in making any project, whether it is an investment project or private one. MACO offers all the real estate residential studies in order to provide all the modified solutions to our customers.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • analyze the filed sample research “questionnaire”.
  •  Investment opportunity and ROI analysis.
  • Demographic research & analysis.
  • Assistance in case of emergency and failure, back up plans.
  • Supply \ demand assessments.
  • Market segmentation.
  • Unique, sophisticated marketing plans.
  • Reliable market opportunity assessment.
  •  pricing Strategy , leasing \ pricing steps.
  • Geographic research and analysis.


Appraisals & Evaluation services

  • When it come to that real estate services, appraisal to banks and Customers , the decision have large impact on the companies and it depend on the professional expertise.
  • We have reliable professional people, who have evaluation, estimation and pricing skills.
  •  households with all types – evaluation & appraisals.
  • Castles evaluation & appraisals.
  • Lands evaluation and study.
  •  Business opportunity evaluation & appraisal.

Our Projects

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