Olaat Policy

We pride ourselves in our strong work ethics, honesty, integrity, responsibility and attention to details as we draw our strength from that foundation. Our passion and commitment to success drive us to build closer relations between Olaat, Investors and clients as well as decreasing the gap in viewpoints between them and ensure transparency & credibility to achieve the main objectives. These policies can be summarized as follows:

  • Our Policy in developing and raising quality standards.
  • Our Policy in examining & analyzing the status of property.
  • Our Policy in providing professional advices to our customers.
  • Our Policy in Regulations and contracts in terms of the legitimacy and fairness.
  • Our Policy in exchanging of experiences with others.
  • Our Policy in conceding our competitors as our complementary.

Olaat Quality Policy

As today’s market is ever growing & changing, competition between different organizations remains on the rise. Olaat Group always do evolve new strategies, make changes in our organization behavior & re-invent ourselves with the changing market. Customer behavior changes frequently and needed to be studied from time to time to bring innovation and advancement in our behavior too. Olaat deals with the overall quality improvement of services from time to time and quality improvement at all company levels. We involve Olaat staff from all levels of the company & hence such policies and strategies must be employed in away that improves Olaat performance at every stage.

  • Decrease Cost - Increase Profit.
  • Satisfy customer needs and expectations by delivering services that are verified to meet the agreed requirements, on time.
  • Monitor and continuously improve business & services, organization & employees’ performance and work environment.
  • Establish quality assurance for all of Olaat processes.