Studies & Consultations

OPM provides a comprehensive range of market research and consultancy services
across real estate sectors with an extensive skill & capability of significant our research
specialists, that allowing us to add value for our clients.
As a key to our clients, we understand that enlightened association to your real estate
prestigious brands, products and services is essential. Our suite of modern research
methodologies approach ensures intense intuition into our client’s markets lands and
properties through research-driven market intelligence and analytics-backed
recommendations. Divergent Approach of our expert competency & market research
leverages differentiate is to set us apart from our business rivals. We Deliver actionable
research findings that move your organization's strategic & tactical planning advanced.
Every day, our professional & experienced researchers conceptualize new modern
innovational approaches that is helpful to the business challenges faced by our real
estate clients.
OPM is one of the fast-growing company in the real estate market research industry due
to its relentless pursuit of extensive quality, solutions, and value significance. We offer
our Prestigious client a fair market value based on the long-term knowledge, analysis,
and experience of our professional team, along with the supporting database that allows
us to do.
OPM services listed on the site are modified to
• Highest & Best Land Use analysis.
• Studies and real estate research.
• Real estate studies for the purposes of inclusion on the World Heritage List.
• Market Segmentation, Analysis & best practices of the real estate market.
• Real estate market share & ROI Relationship.
• Real estate marketing direction, niche market & growth potential.
 Primary & Secondary core research methodologies.
 Demographic & Geographic dynamic Informed market research.
 Study the qualitative & quantitative real estate mix use.
• Studying the growth and development of cities and the humanization of neighborhoods.
 Economic feasibility studies & In-dept knowledge & Experience for Advisory.
 Supply versus demand relationship, Investor trends ,& analysis within the sectors.

• Study and analyze the price curve, & yield analysis.
 ROI, incomes, and operating expenses, & Cap rate for real estate by sectors.
Real estate development strategies.
• PESTL analysis
• SWOT analysis.
 Strategic development analysis.