Tawjeed Service:

It is a unique service that OPM provides to its clients where small details are chosen by the clients and the rest are on us.

This is by:

  • Finding the right locations that best fit the projects.
  • Estimating the income based on the surrounding area.
  • Finding a suitable spot for rent compared to a project’s income.
  • Enhancing creativity out of non-existence by using research tools.
  • Eliminating incidences by planning the alternatives under such conditions.
  • Providing suitable techniques for advertisements.
  • Reviewing possible partnerships for future success.
  • And other approaches by which Tawjeed shows its uniqueness.

A service we provide to selected clients, to help them locate and determine the requirements they need to choose the best real estate that fits their needs.

These are the steps to doing so:

  1. Survey employees, to understand their needs.
  2. Interviews with decision makers to determine the following:
    • The current number of employees.
    • Expected number of employees in 10 years.
    • Targeted areas.
    • Number of dedicated parking.
    • Discussing & determining the exact GLA for the current need and the future.
    • Determining your view of the new location:
      • Lease to own.
      • Built to suit.
  1. After establishing the targets, market research for the targeted locations and with the determined requirements to locate the best option that fits the client’s image & needs.
  2. Shortlisting the options.
  3. SWOT analysis for the shortlisted options.
  4. Expert recommendations.