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About US

It is normal that any market activity has a reaction towards non-regular needs, specially when having an idea about buying and selling private projects, which Is Considered confidential and sensitive from personal or business point of view, where usually pressures are involved& may lead to the cancelation of the deal.
For this reason, the role of a professional executive agent is to keep confidentiality and privacy in order to benefit both parties.

our mission

We are team of professional executive agents supported by an exclusive client base and strategic in the market, whereby we provide complete package of consulting & intermediary services in the fields of marketing and investment for the real estate projects.

Our vision

  • To be the ideal reference for investors in identifying the investment opportunities.
  • To have our unique media plans in marketing the projects.

Our values

  • Confidentiality and credibility is a religious duty.
  •  Our good reputation is the basis of our work.
  •  Our continuity Depend on applying the justice between our tenants and owners.
  •  Our customers are our partners
  • The interests of our customers considered as ours.
  •  Society comes first.

Our strategy

  •  Communication and P.R strategy.
  • Negotiations strategy.
  • Setting up plans & targeting strategy.

Our policies

  • Scientific method in marketing and negotiations.
  •  protecting the interests while maintaining the legal issues.
  •  improve the level of communication and interaction.
  •  provide pre-plans and budgeting for the project.


Our Services


Real Estate Brokerage Service

  • Executing the process of ( Sell – Buy – Rent  Invest ) in the Residential real estate.
  • Executing the process of ( Sell – Buy – Rent  Invest ) in the Commercial real estate.
  • Executing the process of ( Sell – Buy – Rent  Invest ) in Land Plots.


Special Brokerage Services

  •  Seeking Locations ( Catching Area ) for our customers upon request.
  •  Facilities management for the small and medium size real estate properties.
  •  Providing financial loans through banks and related companies according to their rules.
  •  Preparation Of Market Studies for opportunities in all Real Estate sectors.


Complementary Brokerage Services

  • – Study the up-coming
  • opportunities in the real estate market.
  •  Real Estate Studies & Research.
  •  Design and analysis of Market Questionnaires.


Evaluation & Appraisals Services

  •  Evaluate the Residential Real Estate Properties.
  •  Evaluate the Commercial Real Estate Properties.
  • Evaluate the Farms & Land plots properties.
  •  Evaluate the Industrial Real Estate Properties.

Our Projects

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